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Quite often, future animal parents are wary of adopting from shelters and rescues because of the misconceptions surrounding the actual process of animal adoption. This way of thinking has led to people choosing to buy at pet shops or worse, irresponsible breeders and animal traders just to make the process of getting a pet a lot easier. But is choosing to buy an animal truly easier or cheaper than adopting?


First off, when trying to choose where to get a pet from, convenience should not be the main criteria. Why? Because both buying and adopting comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages. When everything is weighed in, purchasing an animal is no easier than choosing to adopt. Don’t believe us? Read on below and Find out more about the adoption process!


No matter where you go, adopting a pet from an animal shelter or an animal rescue usually consists of 5 main steps. The steps are:

  • Filling up the adoption questionnaire

  • Having an interview with a shelter or rescue representative

  • Attending the meet and greet

  • Vet/Reference check

  • Finalizing the adoption

At SABF, we want to ensure that all adoptable pets are the perfect match for their future furever family...

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